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May 24th, 2005
Amazon destruction:
six football fields a minute
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Blairo Maggi - 10.348 votes (37,21%)
The Governor of Mato Grosso state, the absolute champion of Amazon deforestation, responsible for 48% of the total destruction in the region between 2003-2004. Considered the King of Soy, Maggi wants to be President of Brazil. He is the author of the celebrated phrase, "This business of forests does not have a future". And, if it depends on him, it certainly won't.

Luís Inácio Lula da Silva
- 7.314 votes (26,3%)
The very busy President of Brazil, he is ultimately responsible for Governmental actions and inertia. Although Lula had promised a sustainable development model for the Amazon, his administration still considers environmental protection a mere obstacle to economic development.

Simão Jatene - 6.018 votes (21,64%)
Governor of Para state, which is historically the runner up (second place) on deforestation, but winner in the categories of violence and murders in the field, slave labour, illegal occupation of land and activities of inherent mismanagement in the process of deforestation.

José Dirceu
- 1.528 votes (5,50%)
"Prime-minister" in the line of command of Lula's Government and, as the Chief of the Civil House, is the man pulling the strings. Coordinator of the uncoordinated "Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Amazon" and and greatly responsible for the lack of its implementation.

Roberto Rodrigues - 1.506 votes (5,42%)
The Minister of Agriculture, who is also a soy farmer in Maranhão state. He is absolutely convinced that agribusiness will save Brazilian economy. He hesitates to recognize the relationship between deforestation and the advance of agribusiness in the Amazon.

Antônio Palocci - 1.093 votes (3,93%)
The Minister of the Treasury and owner of the treasury's key. He flatters agribusiness and applauds Brazil's positive trade balance while Governmental institutions and agencies concerned with environmental protection lack federal resources.

Total: 27.849 votes

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